HorseTenders Mustang Foundation Mustangs are an integral part of our Foundation. They enjoin with our HMF program participants to promote both human and Mustang to discover paths of mutual trust, discovery, and healthy self-awareness. These interactions are valuable not only to our program participants, but to the HMF Mustangs as they continue through their ongoing training helping them to adapt and once again learn to trust on their journey to become willing partners.

HorseTenders Mustang Foundation continues to train American Mustangs with the distinctive nationally recognized HorseTenders LLC “Developing Mettle without Metal” ™ training approaches. These totally non-punitive approaches consistently produce solid “trail ready” mustangs that are then made available to new owners that are pre-screened and individually paired with a suitable mustang where both owner and mustang can develop lasting bonds of mutual trust and respect.

HMF Mustang prices range from $800 to $3,000 based on their level of training. All proceeds raised from the sale of HMF Mustangs go directly to the care of the HMF Mustangs and programs offered to military service members and their families. Please see below for a listing of HMF trained Mustangs currently available for sale to good homes and owners. We are constantly placing Mustangs. As a self-help, all volunteer herd and despite our best intentions, we do not always have this listing up to date. Please feel free to contact us for any updates or any additional information.