Mar 4 2015

U.S. Service Members, Veterans, their Families, and the Families of fallen soldiers uniting with the legendary American Mustang in paths of discovery and wellness. Through these programs, we are proud to honor the service, sacrifice, and dedication of U.S. service members and their families with rational, common sense approaches to health, survival, and living. All Programs are offered completely free of charge!

HorseTenders Mustang Foundation program invites you to

“Join the H.E.R.D.”

(Humans & Equines Rejoining in Discovery)

U.S. service members, veterans, and their families share a unique set of experiences. The return to life in the States and to civilian life after military service is a challenge. Renewing family relationships, coping, and processing military service time, especially combat, can be challenging and overwhelming. While in the military, a soldier receives in depth training in becoming and staying “Mission” or “Combat Ready.” However a serious lack of training or education is provided to assist military members and their families to smoothly transition from the battlefield to life back home.

The HorseTenders Mustang Foundation (HMF) “Developing Mettle without Medals” unique and highly successful programs recognize the value of each veteran’s service and unique perspective. Our programs enjoin the legendary American mustang with military members and their families working together through a variety of activities. These activities allow participants to interact with and observe horse behavior, responses, and communication while improving their own self-awareness with amazing results. Using natural instincts and behaviors of the American Mustang as a model for meeting life’s challenges to include life after the military, our programs are specifically designed to guide participants with actual “hands-on” activities and the creation of metaphors that are meaningful to their lives to provide practical approaches to understanding, coping, and learning.

All programs are facilitated by veterans who are HMF certified and skilled in guiding participants through their journey of discovery. Our programs are designed to be short-term interventions with long-term results.

It is important to note that the HMF Developing Mettle without Medals program is not invasive rehabilitation or intrusive therapy. **On the same note, it is by no means a lecture or demonstration program. HMF sessions are designed to help military members and their families interact and observe the natural instincts of the legendary American mustang in a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment.** No horse experience is required and all activities are “un-mounted” and take place on the ground. All sessions are take place outdoors and take place regardless of weather conditions. (Lightening in the area is the only exception.) Participants need to arrive prepared for the weather and dress appropriately. We encourage all US service members to bring their families and enjoy a few hours of discovery together with the legendary American mustangs.