Mar 4 2015
Mustang Discovery

The HMF Mustang Discovery program is a truly unique opportunity to come and discover the magic of the Legendary American Mustang amidst the rural rolling hills of New Hampshire. This incredible, “one of a kind” program allows guests to fully interact with the iconic mustang through fun and engaging activities where they become accepted into the herd.

Unlike any other breed, mustangs still possess the strong natural survival instincts which places individual security second to the survival of its family; its herd. This natural instinct is the powerful bond that ensures the herd’s survival not unlike the bonds of family. Humans are by nature herd mammals, although a more domesticated breed, we share many of the same basic dynamics with the mustangs and could learn a great deal from the way they interact.

Guided by a certified HMF trainer, our guests will observe the behavior and dynamics of iconic American Mustangs in their natural element. Each visitor will then have the opportunity to experience the mustang herd through un-mounted, “hands-on” activities where you and the mustang become acquainted with each other. You will witness the splendor of these incredible majestic mammals as you stand nose to muzzle with these mesmerizing and legendary animals and experience yourself through the eyes of the herd.

The HMF is currently scheduling private 2 hour appointments for our popular Discovery Clinic. This clinic gives you a walking tour of our farm and descriptions of HMF programs. You will then be introduced to the existing and most recent HMF mustang herd arrivals. These appointments are $75.00 per person, prepaid**. No refunds will be given for cancellations. Please fill out the events form below and be sure to add the times and dates you would like to attend. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your request and we will do our best to accommodate your times and dates. If unable, we will contact you to determine times of mutual convenience. Once you have your date and times, we ask you to pay on our donation page. You will then receive an email confirmation!

We accept groups or individuals for these appointments, so grab your friends and family and come spend some quality time together with the HMF Herd! These legendary mustangs will make your day a great day. Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

** All proceeds from these programs go directly toward funding of the HorseTenders Mustang Foundation programs and for the care of the mustangs.

Support for Military Service Members

At HMF, we are grateful for the service of each and every military service member and want to express our appreciation to them and their families. We invite our active and former military service members to bring their families and spend some time with our Mustangs. We offer our Mustang Discovery programs to our military service members and their families free of charge and offer a Service Scholarship to service members for our HMF “Mettle without Medals”™ programs specifically developed to address the unique issues and challenges faced by US service members and their families.